Equipment for the long-distance hikes

Photo by Valentin Luthiger


Equipment for the long-distance hikes

As little as possible, but all the necessary with. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Will you also master alpine trails?

Maybe you need also a via ferrata set, ice axe, rope and so on.

Everything starts from good tour planning. So that you know what to expect and what material is needed to have with you. For longer hikes a backpack with great carrying comfort and good hiking boots have an important role. Hiking poles also help with a heavier backpack.

Where do you spend the night? In hut or under the stars? How did you plan food? If you stay in hut, you do not have to carry so much food. And for drinking, are there any rivers nearby where you could fill up with water? Do you need a filter for that?

Small pharmacy, map, altimeter, and telephone with enough batteries belongs of course for basic equipment.

So A and Ö is to prepare and plan well.

That way you can make sure that you carry only the necessary and that you are safely on the way.

If you are traveling with a mountain leader, you can save the time-consuming planning and pack according to the packing list received from the guide.

So, another reason why it is worth to be on the road with a professional mountain leader. =)