How to travel to “Honigberg”?

If you are travelling from abroad best is to fly to Zürich. From there you can easily travel with train all over to Switzerland. Trains in Switzerland are almost always on time, and the public transportation is super easy to use. Easiest way is to download the SBB app. There you will see all the schedules and buy tickets.

So, if you are coming to “Honigberg” you want to travel to Canton Uri. You won’t find Honigberg from the map. It is just the name of our business, because it sounds sweet, and it combines our passions. Most of the time of the year you will find us from Isenthal. Get a train to Altdorf and a bus from there up to Isenthal.

Currency in Switzerland is Swiss Franc, CHF. Make sure to have some cash with you. In Switzerland, especially up on the mountains, in many places only cash is accepted.

We don’t have a Farm where we could accommodate you. There is however plenty of accommodation options close by that we can recommend for you. And if you book a multi-day trekking tour we will stay on the mountain huts, which are normally included in the trek price.

What do you need to pack with you? I will send a detailed packing list separately for each booked tour. Basically, you need sturdy hiking boots (check your soles!), day backpack, Clothes (in layers) suitable for the season, rain protection and a light thermo jacket. underwear, socks, small toiletry bag. And naturally sun protection, camera, and your mobile phone.

You don’t have to have previous experience from the mountains. Mountain leader will be there to take care of you and guide you through safely. Honigberg organizes hikes and trekkings with different condition & difficulty level. There is something for everyone. And if not, we can tailor a dream tour to fill your wishes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have anything to ask. We would be happy to see you soon in Canton Uri.