The “Urner Alpenkranz” is a long-distance trekking trail with 40 attractive stages. It is an incredible route, with total length 360 km and 53 000 altitude meters. And all this in canton Uri. The 40 stages of this trail are perfectly suitable from one-day to multi-day hikes.

For long-distance trekking fans, mastering all 40 stages are a great experience.

The easiest way naturally is to let a trained mountain leader organize and plan everything and you can just concentrate on enjoying.

Urner Alpenkranz Trekking-Pass

For the hikers who would like to do the whole long-distance trail “Urner Alpenkranz”, but don’t have chance to take 2 months off, there is a possibility to hike the whole route in parts, over several years. For this, Honigberg offers the Urner Alpenkranz trekking pass.

From the second registration for a Honigberg multi-day trekking on the routes of Alpenkranz, for mountain trails up to T3, you will get a special rate (CHF 50/person discount from the total price) for the second multi-day tour booking. You get one stamp per stage in your personal “Urner Alpenkranz” trekking pass. Once you have hiked through all the 40 stages and filled your personal Honigberg trekking pass, a great reward awaits you: a hiking wellness weekend high in the mountains of Uri.

We offer the whole, or selected partial stages, of the long-distance trail “Alpenkranz” by request. We will be happy to make you an individual offer, according to your wishes. 

The way is the goal

A long-distance trekking is an ecological way to travel, a real and sustainable pleasure. The reason and motivation for it is the journey itself. You can travel long distances under your own power and with your own feet. This allows you to experience the environment and nature. You learn and experience along the way. The task is not to get to the destination as fast as possible, but to enjoy and experience the beauty of nature while being on the way. Adventure is waiting for you, after every peak and every trail. After every mountain the landscape is a bit different, so allow yourself to enjoy the scenery and unique moments at your own pace, in your own time. On the way, you can leave the stress of everyday life behind and instead use all your senses to perceive, observe and enjoy nature all around you. Reaching the destination is the extra reward. At the end of each day, you arrive at the planned hut or guest house. The accommodation means relaxing, meeting, and getting to know interesting people, eating well and sleeping – to recharge your batteries for the next day. Every accommodation is different and spending the night in a hut is an experience itself.

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Photos by Valentin Luthiger